The Document Archive of John Dewey High School

The Experimental High School in Brooklyn New York est. 1969

Thanks to Josh Orzeck for this 1972 graduation program!

Thanks to Michael Cassa for all of these images.  First row, we have a program from the Student-Faculty Talent show, next 2 rows are Dewey's computerized programs.  Most of us decorated each class so we could  keep track of the mods.  Next 3 rows are photos of  the 1977 reunion

 and the last is the Dewey tassel and program from the 1974 graduation.

So many buttons

JDHS Paddleball Trophies

I Believe in Dewey Button

Dewey Phys Ed Patches

Dewey Sash

Dewey Pennant 

Dewey Marshal Button

1972? HS Graphics Dept Promo - Mad Dog Klansky.

1972 Graduation Invitation

Dewey Digest, 1974

Student Faculty Talent Show 1974.

The First Student-Faculty Talent Show 1972

Expressions in Dance March 1, 1974

Artist Profiles: 1974

Choral Music and Orchestral Music Concert April 5, 1974

Crossroads Vol.1 No. 3 1971

1974 Commencement Program

Todd Lerner: "I remember one person doing an actual marathon. I think it was Mark Gordon."

Todd Lerner: "I think I have all of these from Dewey. For some reason they made us have the teachers sign the back of these. So I got Santopietro, Barry Goldstein, Steve Wolfson, Brian McCarthy, Alan Feuer, Donald Kobrin and I think the last one was Maniscalco."

John's, where many students got their lunch, 1970's

Bay 50th on the "B". 1970's

Graduation, 1980.

Early Dewey jacket patch

John Dewey High School Jacket given for athletic and academic excellence

Child's Sweatshirt (If you know the approximate date, email me at [email protected]

John Dewey High School Marine Bio sticker (reverse because that is how it's made.)

S.O. card. 1970's

Below see a computerized schedule, two Certificates of Excellence, and three thank you's to the tour guides from people who toured Dewey from all over the world.