The Document Archive of John Dewey High School

The Experimental High School in Brooklyn New York est. 1969

A big thank you to everyone, both former students and teachers, who have sent me Dewey memorabilia or allowed me to copy files from their sites! Without you, this collection wouldn't be possible. Special thanks to Brian McCarthy, Elissa Malcohn, Jay Elinsky, Lori Gold, Lou Siegel, Mark Segall, Noah Lewin, Rob Couteau, Stan Bloomfield, Teresa Henry McGregor, Lenny Warner, Barry Fried, Rob Accurso, Frank Gentile, Cynthia Kaplan, Hyde Kirby, Michael Drillinger,Nadine Duke, Robert Revett, Ira Leviton, Janice Deutsch  and Leon Hammerling. I apologize for any inadvertent omissions of names from this list. If you have contributed material to the site and your name does not appear here and you would like it to, you may contact me here to be added to it. Thanks again to everyone for contributing your documents and memorabilia and making this site possible! 

Programs from various students have been posted to show that each student had an individual program of study. Uniquely, there were 5 cycles each year.   Each cycle was 7 weeks  long.  This allowed for  a dynamic program of study and flexibility in programming. There were many classes, such as Anthropology, Marine Biology, American Dream etc. that were full year courses. Note that some programs are decorated. It made it easier to see what classes one had, and to individualize your program. Free bands were often decorated.  For a period of time, there was a 6th cycle during the summer. This allowed for acceleration or just enrichment.

1972 Graduation Program

1973 Graduation Program

Michael Y. Liu, Photo taken in 1974 and devloped and printed in the Dewey Lab

Dewey's 25th Anniversary Tee Shirt

 1977 John Dewey High School Tee Shirt 

John Dewey Intramural Self Defense Badge - Early 1970's

"Won by Robert Revett class of 73' in jelly bean counting contest" held at the S.0. store. It was either 1969 or 1970.  The John Dewey High School logo was designed by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and Yale professor Donald Margolis. He also designed the cover of the 1972 Yearbook.

Transportation Passes.        Grade Card

These allowed us to get to and from school without a pocket full of change.


SO Card                                                                                                          Sticker that was given to students

POPS Concert Program

Graduation Invitation 1975

School ID card 1972

Summer School Report Card


A Schedule - Computerized schedules allowed flexibility in programming. Each mod was 20 minutes long. This allowed for large blocks of time for labs, and classes such as Marine Bio that had trips to collect data.

Sights and Sounds


John Dewey High School Card Holder

Dewey Buttons  1970's

Cartoons circa 1970's

Wool Dewey Jacket,  Buttons, and JDHS Lock Donated by Janice Deutsch

Program Cover of Sights and Sounds, the music and visial arts celebration- December 1972

Sights and Sounds

Report Card Front - 11/2/72 - There were 5 cycles and we got 5 report cards.

Report Card Back

Transcript Pdf...for closer viewing


Report Card

April 28, 1969 letter to an incoming student. It was written to the first incoming class of John Dewey High School

Intramural patches, Mathematics Laboratory Authorization Card and School Attendace Card

Same file in PDF, so you can look at it closer

Student Photo of John Dewey H.S. 1970's


1979 Musical Production - Bye Bye Birdie Program

More Buttons.....

From the yearbook.

  This is an alumni quiz called "John Dewey HIgh School Quiz".

First Cycle Program - Harold Kramer - 9/13/1971

Intro to Poetry A13, The Poems of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell

Resource Center Projects for a Social Studies class on the Middle East.  Cycle 1, 1971   Dewey students were expected to work independently.

Assignment Sheet for the Mid East class, Cyle 1, 1971

Program Cycle 2 (?) 11/15/71

Program Planning Card, 1/13/72

World Studies Japan

Assignment Sheet - Japan Course #214

Schedule Cycle 3

Resource Center Projects Nationalism and Imperialism #221

Resource Center Projects Nationalism and Imperialism #221

Schedule Cycle 4

School Calendar Cycle 4

Resource Center Projects India #216

Page from Astronomy Class

Schedule Cycle 5

Meteorolgy Title Page

Science Fiction Title Page

Social Studies Disk - Age of Industrialism (Dewey Independent Study Kit)
Student Contract to complete work
John Dewey Hanover Poll
 JDHS 1973 Commencement Program
Seth Low Jr HS Spectator yearbook.  Dr Joshua Seagal,  John Dewey's 1st principal, when he spoke at an assembly.  It was this talk, where I decided to go to Dewey instead of New Utrecht.

Intramural Sports Patches from John Dewey High School

Early John Dewey High School Folder

Official Class 4314 either 1972 or 1973 - Brian McCarthy, English Department. He taught for 35 years.

John Dewey High School student folder (relatively recent)

Last Cycle I engineered my schedule so I could be free by noon to meet Nancy, Rachel, Clir and Elissa on the beach. They all turned me on to Sun In which gave me blond hair and I decided to stay that way since!

My (Cynthia Kaplan's) train pass with a false D.O.B. so I could be 18 and get into bars with my friends. When I first started Dewey, it was the QB or the QJ train. I would pick them up on Ave. J. Remember them?


Energy Factory (Cafeteria) Memorabilia 1978

John Dewey High School Memorabilia 1975-1977

Graduation Program - 1977

Graduation Ticket

Senior Recognition Night Program, 1977

Graduation Requirements - 1975

Student Handbook - 1977


John Dewey High School Diploma - 1977

Cup from John Dewey's Class of 1988.

A Glass from the Senior Prom of 1988