The Document Archive of John Dewey High School

The Experimental High School in Brooklyn New York est. 1969

The Archive Site was started in April of 2009.  It grew slowly as photos and memorabilia were downloaded from other existing sites.  Then donations started coming in. Materials were borrowed from people who wanted them returned, scanned them and then uploaded them to the site. On June 12th 2010, at our 40th Anniversary Celebration,  several people left donations in Dewey's library next to the Archive display.  These donations are integrated into the site.

Before this site, there were files in Dewey and in people's attics and basements, but there wasn't a central place to see documents, personal collections and photographs. Dewey was lauded as an important experiment in education, so it is important that it's history is documented.

 In April of 2010 The John Dewey Alumni Association generously allowed me to expand the site to double it's initial size. I am now able to scan and post all of the documents that I have in my possession. 

John Dewey High School was founded and based on the educational principles of the American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer John Dewey. It opened in September 1969 and is located at 50 Avenue X, Brooklyn, New York. The vision of the Alumni Association is to keep the founding principles alive at John Dewey High School by creating a "living archive" of the history of John Dewey High School of the benefit of the students and the school. It is our belief that the educational experience that characterized Dewey in its early years has never before been more relevant. The expansive nature of John Dewey's educational philosophies allows students to explore their potential to its fullest extent.