The Document Archive of John Dewey High School

The Experimental High School in Brooklyn New York est. 1969

All about independent study....a cornerstone of the Dewey program.

The 1976 Handbook....Everything Dewey.

John Dewey High School Graduation Requirements.

Dewey Day! All fun things Dewey!

An article about the Holocaust Center

Bye Bye Birdie Program 1979 Musical Production

Dewey or Don't We 1978

Dewey or Don't We 1979

In case you have forgotten and are it is....the bell schedule!

Requirements brochure for the Women's Study Program

Documents related to the Women's Study Program at JDHS. Not only were courses included, but there was  a feminist publication called Fireworks that grew out of the curriculum.
The First Meeting of Fireworks.

Fireworks, the feminist quarterly newspaper of John Dewey High School   February 1979

Committees for the publication Fireworks.

Women's Study  Course Requirements

 May 1979

September 1979

November 1979

December 1978

Article about  American Dream

Repco performance program

January 1980

March 1980

Dewey Day I Activities

Pupil Problem Paper

A Dance Performance: That Dance Thing

Article Regarding The Energy Factory