The Document Archive of John Dewey High School

The Experimental High School in Brooklyn New York est. 1969

John and Roberta Dewey are buried on the campus of The University of Vermont.  He was born in 1859 in Burlington and attended the University and died in 1952.

John Dewey High School in Brooklyn New York, celebrated it's 40th Anniversary in September of 2009. In the Fall of 2014, and celebrated its 45th in June of 2015.Fifty three years ago the doors of the school opened to the first class in September of 1969. Since then,  many students have attended the school and many teachers have taught at John Dewey High School.  It was a very special place where creativity  thrived, students learned to think independently and took an active role in their learning.

John Dewey High School has a different, but still great program today.  The teachers and administrators are meeting the needs of the students who are there today.  Teachers are teaching creatively and the program is growing to include more arts. The Culinary Institute's facility has undergone  a major renovation. The school has survived as one of the few large high schools in N.Y.C.

This site is a place where one can explore the history of John Dewey High School;  the documents that were written before it was built, the early documents pertaining to the planning and the cost of the school;  the programs and memorabilia that were donated by former students. There are videos of people who were instrumental in planning "The New School"  and those who attended in the early days of John Dewey High School. The videos provide a window to the past of a great school that we are sure will thrive again.

There are issues of many different student newspapers, photographs and other Dewey memorabilia that will spark your interest.

 Thank you to all of the people who have donated their Dewey Memorabilia, both students and teachers. This site never would have been possible without your generosity. 

The Archive will accept donations of documents or memorabilia related to John Dewey High School.  The donations  can be electronic or sent through the mail.  If you have donations, please contact me at:[email protected].

Thank you! 

A documentary created  in 1980 about the origins and philosophy of an experimental high school in Brooklyn NY as told by the people who worked on creating the school, teachers and students.  It was made by Jerome Majzlin.

The John DeweyAlumni Association awarding its first monetary award to a student who most exemplifies the Dewey ideals.

The Statue - An iconic Symbol of John Dewey High School

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